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    Scalping is based on the principle of opening and further close of transactions within short time period, few seconds or minutes, with moderate profit or small loss of several points...


    Classic trade strategies having proved themselves for 10 years of successful work. Its specific feature is standing in certain range, the result of which will be forceful...


    The main trade transactions according to this strategy are performed with altcoins with high capitalization (TOP 10), wich fluctuations are subject to evaluation from the point of view of number of postulates of Technical analysis. It is riskless trade.

Scalping is based on the principle of opening and further close of transactions within short period, few seconds or minutes. With insignificant profit or small loss of several points. It will be equally suitable for novices and experienced traders.

Scalping is a chance to study work at exchange in laboratory conditions. For novices such style has the number of advantages:

  • risk is minimal;
  • severe action rules, it is not necessary to invent anything;
  • high speed of experience gaining due to big number of transactions;
  • it is possible to start with minimal contributions;
  • much information on this topic.

Subject to enough experience such kind of trade will suit almost for all exchanges. Though each exchange has a number of its own infrastructure peculiarities. In case of choice of such strategy it is necessary to pay attention to the number of rules, using which you can reach positive results:

  • Selection of optimal level of leverage, The sense is that the more is level of leverage, the more profitable will be trading. Minimal one is considered propirtion of 1 to 100;
  • Numerous transactions for minimal time. For successful scalping it is necessary to perform big number of transactions at bidding. Profit depends on it directly, big number of orders form big earning. Herewith there is opportunity to open transactions according to trend and against its movement;
  • The most important secret of successful scalper is the opportunity to use even the least fluctuations for opening of transaction;
  • Not to start trading before issue of news. Important political and financial news can destabilize the market. In order to avoid losses it is not recommended to start bids, otherwise there is a high possibility of losses incurred;
  • Use of indicators will help to facilitate work at exchange. It is important to understand that it is only the additional tool, and it is necessary to walk the line selecting only the necessary indicator. Then it will be possible to earn on flat;
  • Correct distribution of finances, In case of success at bids it is better not to put all received funds into use.In such case there will be always remained a stock for losses optimization in case of negative results. In the result of "greed" many traders get outplayed;
  • Absence of emotions. Here there is no appeal to become a machine, but it is necessary to understand that big number of trade transactions causes certain yense and traders who are not able to deal with it often get outplayed;
  • "Right broker". Some brokers establish restrictions for maximal number of transactions or orders for session. It causes loss of profit in average for 30%.

Classic trade strategy having proved itself for 10 years of succesive work. Its specific feature is standing in certain range, the result of which will be solution of market by force in necessary direction.

In trade there are three ways of movement:

  • Lateral - price fluctuations within the corridor, in horizontal direction. Price will not have considerable fluctuations shifting from support to opposition;
  • Rising is predetermined by series of waves, the notable fact will be that each next one will be higher than the previous one;
  • Descending is directly opposite to rising one.

Disruption strategies are considered to be the easiest ones, but their profitability is usually stacked to standard statistics. The important moment will be exact definition of levels of fluctuations and "false" disruptions.

Principles and important requirements for work.

Disruption strategies provide for 2 basic variants of entrance to the bids. Opening of order of new movement at least at 2nd downfall aside the desired disruption.
Also there are two ways of opening of transaction. In the first variant market order is opened by establishment of price according to predicted level. For second variant they establish pending order, the peculiarity will be arrangement of long position upper, and short position lower the level of possivle disruption.

In case of approaching to the levels of support/opposition price will:

  • turn having drafted from power level and went other side;
  • will pass the boundary of thwe level fixating and moving further.

this strategy will bring the biggest profit during expressed market direction. However along with the advantages there are several hidden agendas. Signals may come with delay and profit will be insignificant. Also situations within the framework of strategy are possible.

Has big number of adherents affirming that such trade tool is the most easy and effective means of richness achievement. The principle is in long-term storage of assets that can continue for several years. For example investor who contributed to BitCoin at the moment of its origin would become a millionaire today.
Optimal term shall be not one year. Ardent proponents of "buy and hold" mention at least 10-15 years. Such trade tool is based on constant growth of the market with the course of time.

This tool has a number of advantages:

  • partial employment;
  • small expenses;
  • additional income from dividends;
  • slim possibility to fold.

Everything that is required from adherents of this strategy is to buy asset and to "forget" about it for long term not worrying about permanent tracing of value growth.
In addition to obvious advantages this strategy has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is possibility of bankruptcy. Crisis or other factors can decrease value of assets to 30-40%.

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