Seemingly what cwe can say about brand that exists only few months BRITISHBTC young company that took up the market of crypto-currencies very ambitiously and sesriously

“And the case is not even that the team BBTC positions itself as the crystal-clear "stream" that bears freshness to current investment market. Maximally transparent actions of the company attracted over 1 wave of investors, which indicates confidence of the partners. ”

BRITISHBTC speaks not only about the responsibility, but also informs the whole world that it is possible and necessary to work with us

Indeed BRITISHBTC contribute finances not only into "own pocket: uncreasing outlays of investors, but also into development of partners as future "fighting entities" creating strong team ready to make a statement of itself to the whole world.

However the words are only the words, only figures can speak on real achievements

Here there are several indices from financial reports of the company for last trade periods:

  • 16-31.08 1

    accumulated profit for trade period was 67,2 %

  • 01-15.09 17

    accumulated profit for trade period was 15,8%

However, not only figures speak on work of the company

Attitude to investors is also the important factor. Here all is considerably easier, everybody who contributed funds into development will become not only the investor or partner, but also will get opportunity of growth and study at the expense of the company increasing not only its efficiency, but also increasing the whole team in general.