Just for half-year story the team BRITISHBTC put in a lot of effort for creation and promotion of its project

The company is not going to stop and is planning further steps for creation of brand that will enjoy confidence and will give a great profit to all participants of the project.

For those who track news BRITISHBTC, it will not be the secret that president of the company Aleksandr Pilipishyn at once after opening of the first office went to Kiev for further flight to England. In London it is planned to open head office with round-the-clock technical support and archive. where there will be contacts of current and future investors

For signing of the contract it will be necessary to download two copies of completed contract with signatures of director. To sign and send second copy to office, all of this will be donw for increase of guarantees of the firm

In his speech Aleksandr Pilipishyn announced the occurred opportunity "to get to USA legally".

For this in Miami at the end of October there will be the official opening of BRITISHBTC brand. Those who want to visit and participate in official start and really significant project the special promotion was launched.

According to director such step:

“Will play into the hands of absolutely all who want big international business.”

In future it is planned to expand offices of the company further:

“Of course, after official opening of USA we will get impulse, strength and opportunity for further local presence. I'll say at once that we will exist oficially not in all countries, because at least there is no such necessity. ”

Aleksandr looks ahead positively and is not afraid of planning for future. From his words we undestand that there will be enough ideas till year 2020 at least