It is profitable to work with us

In history there are many examples of mutually beneficial cooperation. Where one will fail, the team will reach top. We understand this and are always ready to accept new partners into our team. For this special program with wonderful bonuses directed to mutual growth was developed.

Percent for personal recommendations: engaging new partners by referred link

Will be charged to your account
from their investments

Binary bonus: 8% from volumes of sales of investment packages performed by smaller team. Is accrued after end of commission period. Margin of commodity turnover of bigger team will be counted towards next commission period.

Working with BRITISHBTС, You move up the career ladder

Get bonus for each stage. Promotion takes place with increase of sales volume. After reaching of new stage company presents pleasant bonuses and opportunity of travel as a present.

  • 7 level
  • 6 level
  • 5 level
  • 4 level
  • 3 level
  • 2 level
  • 1 level
bonus 1000$ turnover 25000$
bonus 2000$ turnover 50000$
bonus 4000$ turnover 100000$
bonus 10000$ turnover 250000$
bonus 25000$ turnover 500000$
bonus 50000$ turnover 1000000$
bonus 100000$ turnover 3000000$


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