On a scale of last years virtual money demonstrate stable growth. Many analytics consider that grows will continue forth

“Increase of number of foolowers to some extent guarantees not only safety from crash, but also from considerable decrease of positions. Fact of increase of capitalization of crypto-currencies is the additional evidence of further strengthening of crypto-market.”

High liquidity gives great number of opportunities for various trade transactions, and additional technological capacities facilitate work and storage of assets

Instability of the world often causes growth or decrease of one or another currencies that makes storage of funds in customary variant rather instable

And crypto-currency assets remain fixed means of money storage along with other ones, for example gold.

Investments of confidence as step on the way to future growth

In modern world confidence is a very important and valuable resource. Having lost it even once, it is almost impossible to restore it. Because of this we are proud with your confidence to us and work on improvement of our work constantly.


  • Absence of intermediaries

    transactions are performed "from hand to hand" being maximally transparent

  • Minimal fee

    will increase profitability in total

  • Security and liability

    investing to BRITISHBTС one can "sleep easily"

  • Less contributions for receipt of profit

    one can start without big constributions due to big nunber of packages

For work with us we developed various tools of investments

Differing according to value and profitability, among which one can choose the most suitable one.

  • 250$

    Per year - 225%

    Per month - 18,75%

  • 1000$

    Per year - 270%

    Per month - 22.5%

  • 2500$

    Per year - 292.5%

    Per month - 24.37%

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Work with us is not limited by acquirement of the best package

BRITISHBTС can offer profitable partner program. Participation in it will provide opportunity to get additional possibilities and profits:

  • Percent for personal recommendations

  • Binary bonus

  • Bonuses for participants

  • Campaigns and promotional events

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