January, 2017

Beginning of year 2017 was marked with start of young and ambitious project BRITISHBTC. However, if we speak on creation of the company, it is worth to mention prehistory. The boost for development was the meeting of director and trader with nickname Goldi.

Their team work in Asia for creation of joint project and connections of Goldi established for long trader activity gave boost upon creation BRITISHBTC. If in doubt of choice of the country for registration of new firm we chose England, offshore area with low taxes.

Contracts with leading data centres of Asia concluded for two years previous to initiation of project and confident work of Goldi became strong basis for inflow of new investors that allowed engagement of big number of new participants for small time period.

Engagement was also facilitated by "crystal" policy of the company. Positioning of investors and partners not just as payers, but as the part of friendly team. Such attitude promotes occurence of trust-based relations and positive comments in Internet.


The company not only develops itself in personal area, but also promote for development of all participants, which indicates determination to high results in future. It is known that in well-aligned mechanism all details shall work with an excellent mark.

Policy of the company does not use fraudulent activities. There is no fictitious activity, only alive traders and only local information.


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