- How can I be registered and create “personal account” of user (investor)?

 For start of work you shall pass registration of web site BritishBTC.com
1. by personal link of the person who provided information about the compnay to you.
2. In the appeared main page of web site we select “Registration”
3. Complete personal information according to the list.
4. Check acceptance “of User Agreement”
5. Click “Registration” and don't close the tab.
6. Open the parallel another tab in the same browser and cross over to email address stated upon registration for conclusion and activation of personal account.
7. Open the received letter noreply@britishbtc.com and cross over by link stated in the mail.
8. After transition you will see main page of web site and with automatically generated password. ( change - “personal account” - “menu” - “профиль”)
9. We congratulate you with successful activation of your personal account and start of the way in the capacity of “INVESTOR” 

How can I log on web site / to get into personal account?

For this you have:
- To enter @-mail address stated upon registration.
- To enter password stated upon registration.

-Is it safe to provide to you documents?

All data in our system are protected from internal access firmly including protection from unauthorized physical access to servers. We don't reveal client information to third parties except the cases, when we receive official court decision during international investigation.

-Is it necessary to pass verification “of personal account”?

We strongly recommend to pass verification to use the available capabilities in full and to get written contracts “On investmment package purchase ”. Pay attention that in number of cases verification may be requested and/or additional verification in compliance with our policy of security and fraud surpress.

-What documents are necessary for verification?

For passing of verification you have to download two documents:
-Government-issued document proving identity of the owner of account  - for conclusion of contract between you and the company.
-Document proving your actual residential address - for delivery of contracts to you personally.

How long are documents for verification processed?

Documents downloaded for verification shall be processed by our employees “security service” It usually takes about several working days. If you consider that your verification continues for too long, please apply to support service.

-Verification of my certain documents was denied, what shall I do?

When some document does not pass verification, we always send email notification where it is informed about reasons of refusal, and also on steps that shall be taken for succesful verification passing. Create a ticket, if you want to ask a question concerning processing of some or another documents.

-What number of accounts can I create (register) on my behalf?

Regulations of the company provides for creation - of only one “personal account”.
In case of reveal of fraud schemes and creation of multi-accounts with the purpose of receipt of baseless   profit  all involved personal accounts will be blocked in system.  And their owner (owners) will be degraded, and the contract will be terminated without opportunity of renewal! The company fulfills the undertaken obligations responsibly, so it requires from users actions within the framework of effective regulations, which violation will be suppressed with maximum severity, and responsible persons for all losses incurred in full!

-How can I perform replenishment of puser personal account for acquirement of investment package?

Funds input is performed through personal account. In personal account we pass to account section and select from dropping menu tab “funds input”. Then we select way of receipt (payment system) enter amount of replenishment in USD equivalent  and click send and follow the instructions of selected payment system.

-With what electronic payment systems do you work?

To perform replenishment (input) of funds through the following payment systems:
-       Advanced Cash (advcash.com)
-       Perfect Money  (perfectmoney.is)
-       Blockchain (blockchain.info)

-How are the above-stated electronic payment systems replenished?

-       Replenishment of Advanced Cash and Perfect Money is performed automatically using merchant of these payment systems.
-       Replenishment of Blockchain is performed through transfer of crypto-currency “Bitcoin” from your own purse according to stated properties. It is also necessary to send letter to @-mail: admin@britishbtc.com with confirmation of transaction of stated properties, where you shall state number of transaction, and also to attach screen shot of this transaction operation.

-What is the regulation of replenishment through the above-stated e;ectronic payment systems?

Term of operation of transaction of replenishment in electronic payment system is following:
-       Advanced Cash: immediately - 24 hours
-       Perfect Money: immediately - 24 hours
-       Blockchain: from 6 conformations of the network Bitcoin till the end of operation of transaction subject to availability of letter with confirmation of transaction operation to @-mail: admin@britishbtc.com

-How can I learn the rate of exchange, at which Bitcoin will be converted into USD?

In section "Transactions with account" - "Funds input" - "Bitcoin"
Enter the amount of required replenishment in USD calculator will convert the necessary amount in bitcoins automatically.

-How can I perform the procedure of withdrawal (to create request for withdrawal) from the system?

For performance of procedure of withdrawal of funds from the system you shall:
-       Select electronic payment system, to which funds will be transferred;
-       State number of account of selected electronic payment system;
-       State output amount;
-       Comments are optional.

-What are internal transfers?

Section “Internal transfers” performs immediate funds transfer from user to user inside the system.

What will be required for performance of internal transfer?

For sending of funds to another usee you shall fill in in subsection “Internal transfers” two fields:
-       Account of receiver (is in this tab “current account”) - we enter account of user, whom we send funds.

-How can I trace history of performed transactions?

In section “Account” of personal user cabinet there are two subsections:
-        Tab “Profit accrual” reflects history of transactions of accrued dividends and received remuneration provided by marketing plan.
-       Вкладка “History of transactions” reflects history of direct account replenishments with electronic payment system, and also history of internal transfers.

- Since what age is use of your service possible?

We offer our services to users at least 18 years old.


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