BRITISHBTС - is a legalized company being the participant of trade on crypto-currency exchanges guaranteeing full transparency of financial transactions. We work with the best mining data centres of Asia creating fertile soil for investing.

Our mission

It is initially in creation of strong international financial company, which field of activity is in bringing of maximum profit to its employeers, shareholders and world community. Striving for leadership in this field.

Employees BRITISHBTС works on increase of trust and loyalty of our clients each day. Aleksandr Pilipishyn in his submission letter says:

“Each day we aspire to improvement of our work, as we make collective steps and strengthen BRITISHBTС brand for entering to the rows of the most reliable and respectable financial companies of the world. ”

Activity of BBTС is directed to the main spheres of use of virtual money:

  • Assets management

  • Trust management

  • Payment

  • Arrangement of transactions connected with assets

It is rather easy to start to work with us

You should just choose more suitable for you investment package, to make payment and to receive guaranteed monthly without going out of way.

  • 250$

    Per year - 225%

    Per month - 18,75%

  • 1000$

    Per year - 270%

    Per month - 22.5%

  • 2500$

    Per year - 292.5%

    Per month - 24.37%

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