According to data of World Economic Forum blockchain technology entered top 10 most prospective

Experts consider that financial and social opportunities can change rules of market organization cardinally.

Recent feverish fluctuations of crypto-currencies caused division of opinions

Pessimists imply recent insignificant fall of rate of exchange of BitCoin and in general predict for crypto-currencies further fall next year. Among them there is Chris Berniske who associates general growth in 2017 with "housing bubble" and prognoses losses up to 75%.

In their turn optimists promote the opinion on future increase, among them there is Ronny Moas, according to his forecasts price of bitcoin as the main crypto-currency will increase up to 5000-7000$. Bobby Lee and John Matias took it step further, at their opinion price will vary within 7000-11000 $.

Stability of growth for last year is the evidence of growing popularity of crypto-currency in world economy

  • 22 milliard $ January
  • 25 milliard $ March
  • 50 milliard $ May
  • 102 milliard $ June
  • 160 milliard $ August

According to forecasts of specialists total volume of virtual currency market in 2018 will be over 200 milliards $. Such growth may guarantee further increase of value

“Increases of liquidity, causes increase of crypto-currency popularity. This results in engagement of more investments and strengthen position of virtual money on the market. ”

On cosnideration of Russian government, on legalization of bitcoin, with some economically developed countries. This will increase market volume and strengthen already firm positions of virtual assets


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