Young generation of investors that in majority consider that their investment solutions can influence socially significant and ecologic issues, are the leaders of stable investing.

According to the data of report of Institute of Stable Investments for year 2017 "Stable signals" more investors are interested in stable investing and acception of its principles within the framework of their strategy, herewith the Millenials head this direction. Like in previous report published in year 2015 1000 active investors participated in the inquiry, it monitored, how the investors perceive stable investing and also how they act.

Interest to stable investing grows among the Millenials in particular

  • Much interested
  • Little bit interesting
  • Shows statistically significant change
71% 52% 19% 2015 75% 52% 23% 2017 84% 56% 28% 2015 86% 48% 38% 2017

Millenial investors prefer more stable investment solutions

Total number of investors invest into companies oriented into solution of social or ecological tasks.



Millenials consider that their investments can create positive changes:

  • 75%

    consider that their investments can influence change of climate

  • 84%

    consider that their investments can decrease the index of population poverty.

Junior investors want to get more evidence of efficiency but stay to practice stable investing

  • 59%

    59% Millenials consider that stable investing is connected with financial compromise.

  • however
  • 61%

    Last year 61% of millenials made at least one investment action oriented to stability.

It is not just millenials.Women of all ages still show more interest than men.

Suppressive number of women showed more interest to stable investing than men.

  • 84%
  • 67% 2017

When it comes time to action, gender is not the determinant

Men are also disposed to integrate stability into their investment decisions.

  • 40%
  • 36%

Everybody wants more choice:

  • STEADINESS 401 (K) S


    STEADINESS 401 (K) S

    Millennials want stable variants of investments within the framework of their plans 401 (k).




    population will accept stable investing with higher probability.

Stable growth of investment assets in USA

Stable, accountable and effective investing increased for 33% within the period between 2014-2016 years up to 8,72 trillions USD

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More myths are required for quicker growth:


53% investors still consider that stable investing requires financial compromiss

For last two years interest to stable investing has grown. The idea continues to give strong support and acquintance with it is spreaded apparently. Investors mainly consider that their portfolios can have considerable social and ecological effect. While the necessity of such effect remains, it is likely that interest of investors will grow

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